ENRICH HEALTH ADVANCEMENT is the brainchild of Raghu Puskoor who has built a very successful career as developer of high quality homes
Address: Flat No:102,Valley View,Road No:13A, Happy Valley, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034. Phone: 040 2337 5577

ENRICH Health Advancement is located at : Venkiryal ( వెంకిర్యాల ), Mandal : KondurgDistrict : Mahbubnagar. State : Telangana

Dedicated to "One Health" and "One Planet"

The entire property was initially simply barren land and we first focused on agroforestry; planting hundreds of mango trees as the initial steps to rejuvenate the land:

A pond provides for recharging the water table as well as an attractive site for beautiful birds and great fishing.

Sheep provide wool and meat and also fertilize the land.

The verdant greenery has attracted visiting wild animals and birds.