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"One Health" Integrating the Continuum of Animal welfare; the Environment and Human Health through "HAPPEN"



RISE to "One Health" through "Salutogenesis" anchored in social justice

Respect: Partnership in a shared Vision

Innovation: Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation

Skills: Appreciative Inquiry and Participatory Action Strategies

Empathy: Unreserved Benevolence



Health Advancement Peer Partners Empowerment Network

Health Advancement Peer Partners Empowerment Network. HAPPEN is a framework for Participatory Action Research anchored in the concept of Salutogenesis as articulated by Aaron Antonowsky applied to individuals; families; communities and society at large; Incorporating a profound understanding of a complex adaptive systems approach to “One Health” addressing the continuity of Humans; Animals and the Environment.

Traditional Health Care

Health Services are "Transactional" with the "Health Provider" as the "Benefactor" and the "Recipient" as the "Beneficiary". Technology and proliferation of "Specialists" operating in a "Medicalized" paradigm makes health care delivery fragmented, incoherent and impersonal and mercenary as health care is an "Industry"

Participatory Approach

HAPPEN is an inclusive participatory approach where all stakeholders such as providers and recipients are partners working together in empowered networked peer groups.

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Participatory Action Research is facilitated by adapting the Meikirch model to a “One Health” paradigm. The research tools deployed will be a mixed methods approach using qualitative and quantitative method

Biological Potential

The biologically given potential is supported by enhancing “Mother and Child” programs so as to fully develop potential conferred at birth along with mitigation of adverse heritable attribute

Acquired Potential

A lifelong acquisition of attributes to enhance health and meet demands of life require integration of individuals with families and communities along with animals in a conducive environment